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What Will Be On For The Spring Festival?

1-Golden Palace: Camellia Festival

*Jan 28-Feb 28  
*The 2nd Kunming City Flower & Yunnan Camellia Festival will be opened on Jan 28 in the Golden Palace Park.
*The camellia garden of the Golden Palace Park covers a total area of 160 acres. It's planted with over 20,000 camellia trees of about 170 kinds. The settings there are found to be designed in ethnic styles. What’s more? The annual Golden Palace Temple Fair will be coincidently held during the Camellia Festival.  

2-Kunming Botanical Garden: Blooming Camellias

*Jan 28-Feb 28
*As one of the arenas of the Camellia Festival, Kunming Botanical Garden has a camellia zone of 66 acres. There are as many as 300 camellia plants inside; additionally, over 400 camellia plants introduced from foreign countries will make their debuts.   

3-Daguan Park: Colored Lights Show


*Jan 28-Feb 28
*Daguan Park will hold the 1st “Chinese Famous Pavilions” Colored Lights Show. From 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm each day, you can enjoy an ever-bright Daguan Park. 
*With the theme of Chinese famous pavilions such as Huanghelou Pavilion, Yueyanglou Pavilion and Tengwangge Pavilion etc, the show will present colored lights integrating traditional and modern designs. “New Kunming” and the “the 8 reputed sights of Kunming” will also be illuminated. 

4-Black Dragon Pool Park: Blooming Plum Blossoms

*Jan 28-Feb 28
*During the Camellia Festival, you can also appreciate the plum blossoms in the Black Dragon Pool Park. There will be at least 6,000 camellia plants of more than 100 kinds exhibited. You also can visit the special area for camellia deals.

5-Tanhua Temple Park: Bonsai Exhibition


*Jan 28-Feb 28
*Tanhua Temple Park will hold the first bonsai festival of Kunming. Besides enjoying more than 300 bonsai masterpieces, one also can join Kunming locals for the lantern riddles quiz on lunar Jan 15.

6-Green Lake Park: Taiwan Specialties Exhibition


*Feb 1-17
*Jiulongchi (Nine-dragon Pond) in the north the Green Lake Park will be the most bustling place for Taiwan specialties exhibition. 

7-Horti Expo Garden: Flowers, and Cultural Shows

*Feb 2-8
*Kunming Horticultural Expo Garden will host various activities concerning minority cultures, Nianhuo (Necessities for lunar New Year) Shopping, and traditional games of Kunming etc.    

8-Nationalities Village:Looking For "Five Golden Flowers"

*Feb 3-8
*In addition to the traditional programs of the 25 minorities of Yunnan Province, you can join the campaign named "Looking for the Five Golden Flowers". You have the opportunity to be chosen as the "Golden Flower".
*Different minority cultural shows will be the highlights in this vast park.

9-Kunming Zoo (Yuantong Park): Yuantong Temple Fair

*Feb 3-8
*Programs in Yuantong Park include Lion Dance, acrobatics and hip-hop etc.

10-Xihua Garden: Fairy Tales World

*Feb 2-8
*Xihua Garden will arrange a variety of activities for children.

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