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Kunming Cycling Tour

Route 1: Jinbi Square (Downtown)-Green Lake Park (Downtown)-Yuantong Buddhist Temple (Downtown)-World Horti Expo. Garden (Northeast, 4km from)-Golden Palace (Northeast, 6km)

Route 2: Jinbi Square (Downtown)-West Hill (Southwest, 15km)-Yunnan Minorities Park (Southwest, 8km)-Grand View Park (South, 2km)

Route 3: Jinbi Square (Downtown)-Black Dragon Pool Park and Botanical Garden (North, 15km)

Route 4: Bamboo Buddhist Temple (West, 12km)

1-Grand View Park (2km), 2km refers to the mileage from downtown; 

2-Some scenic sights could be scheduled when you visit:
(1)Jinbi Square: Three Archways in Triangle; Nanping Street; Jingxing Bird and Flower Market; Zhengyi Mall; Twin Pagodas.
(2)West Hill: Dragon Gate; Huating Buddhist Temple; Taihua Buddhist Temple.
(3)Yunnan Minorities Park: Yunnan Minorities Park; Yunnan Minorities Museum; Haigeng Park.
(4)Green Lake: Green Lake Park; Former Yunnan Military Academy; Yunnan University;

3-The routes listed on this webpage are only for reference.

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