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"Forests" Tour

Taking this tour, you get chance to witness Yunnan's natural wonders including Stone Forest, Sand Forest, Earth Forest, and Red Land. Travel services are available to tailor your trip with foreign-language-speaking tour guides. 

(Departure at Kunming) TheStone Forest,90 km form Kunming

The Stone Forest Scenic Area is approximately 80 kilometers away from the downtown of Kunming. Covering 400 square kilometers, it has been a State 5A-level Scenic Attraction, National Geo Park, World Geo Park, National Key Scenic Area as well as a World Natural Heritage Site accepted by UNESCO in 2007. The Stone Forest is famous for the Karst landform and the ethnic culture of the Sani People (a branch of the Yi ethnic minority).

The Colorful Sand Forest (Luliang, Qujing), 160 km from Kunming

Covering 25 square kilometers, the Colorful Sand Forest is highlighted by merely 6 square kilometers. According to the research of geologists, the Colorful Sand Forest was formed in the Cenozoic Era some 67 million years ago. It resulted from the tectonic movement of Himalaya, the sunlight, the erosion of rain and wind and other natural conditions.

The Red Land,160 km from Kunming

The soil in Yunnan is red, so it is vividly nicknamed as "the Red Plateau", the highlight of which is in Dongchuan of Kunming. With its center in Huashitou Village, the red land in Dongchuan is over 100 square kilometers, and there boundless rolling hills are gorgeous and splendid. The tranquil and plain rural scenery of the red land in Dongchuan, inhabited by the Yi people, has become the inspiration for artistic innovation. Though the works portraying the red land is different in style and techniques, what you can feel through the camera lenses is simplicity and purity.

The Earth Forest, 200 km from Kunming

The Earth Forest is a typical topographic formation by piles of earth accumulating over millions of years. The earth crannies caused by crust movement were deepened and widened by natural force, eventually giving birth to earth pillars. These earth pillars look vividly like a forest from the distance thus the name “earth forest”. Yuanmou, about 200 kilometers away from Kunming, is Yunnan’s most famous place for the earth forest.

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