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Cross-Bridge Rice Noodle

Deriving its name from the story of crossing the bridge  in Nanhu Lake of Mengzi County in the south of Yunnan, this local dish would be served in a big pot, in which the hot soup is prepared and sliced chicken, fish, pork go after, and finally the vegetables and rice noodle. In Yunnan, you can easily find restaurants that serve cross-bridge rice noodle, such as Brothers Jiang, Jianxiyuan etc.

The story goes that a young scholar isolated himself on an isle in Nanhu Lake, in Mengzi County, to prepare for the imperial examination; his wife had to travel and cross a bridge to bring him his daily meals. Frequently, his meals went cold by the time it reached him. One day, quite by chance, his wife discovered chicken soup could be kept warm with a layer of oil on top; from then on, she would serve the noodles and meat slices with the oil-layered soup and the young scholar could enjoy a warm meal every day. When the scholar eventually did well in the examination, he attributed his success to his wife’s efforts and the dish gained its popularity as Cross Bridge Rice Noodle.

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