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China Airlines Will Open Direct Flights from Chengdu to Xishuangbanna

At 7:52 pm of 14th, an international flight set off from Chengdu Shuangliu Airport successfully arrived at Xishuangbanna Airport. This means the officially opening of the flight from Chengdu to Xishuangbanna of China Airlines.
According to the arrangement, these international flights will directly fly from Xishuangbanna to Chengdu at 6:15 pm in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the flights from Chengdu to Xishuangbanna will fly at 6:15 pm in every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, these flights will not pass and stop in Kunming in their midway.
The opening of these direct flights will help Xishuangbanna to develop tourism market in Chengdu, in the same time, Chengdu and Xishuangbanna will realize the common share between the two places.

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