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Tourist Routes 2: The Grand View Park-Guandu Old Town-Yunnan Family

Daguan Pavilion Park-A Pavilion with great view of the lake and the mountains
Daguan Pavilion Pakk is located on the side of the Dianchi Lake. On the lakeside, you will see willow trees, lotus, ponds, pavilions, the elegant scenery of the lake and the mountains. In the garden, there is a 180-character couplet which described about Daguan Pavilion Pake. The first scroll writes about the beautiful scenery of the lake, the second line recounts thousand-year history of Yunnan. The emotion and the scenery are melting together; it is called “the first couplet in the world”. Climbing up the pavilion, you will see the vast water, recollect the old times and think about nowadays. Daguan Pavilion Park is equally famous with Huanghe Pavilion, Yueyang Pavilion, Teng Wangge Pavilion which is one of the most famous pavilions in China.

Guandu Ancient Town-One of the Ancient Ferries
Guandu Ancient town is a famous historical & cultural town in Kunming; it keeps the main architectural style of Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties. Jinggang pagoda of Miaozhan Temple, as one of the state-important cultural relics, is the oldest Jinggang pagoda in China. Guandu Ancient Town is called a live museum, in which one can visit its architectures, religion cultures, folk handicrafts, and local snacks.

Yunnan Family-A museum of Yunnan Folk Customs
There is a large collection of Yunnan minorities' furniture, household utensils, farm tools, totem ornaments, which re-creates the old customs of Yunnan Minorities. Accompanied with the village's drum rhythm, enjoying the tasty traditional food of the lords, you will feel Yunnan Family is a real warm home.


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