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Economic Situation

Since the reform and opening up, the economy of Kunming has kept a tendency of fast and healthy development, and its comprehensive economic power ranks at the front of West China. After many years' development, the five pillar industries of cigarette, machinery and electronics, bio-resources, information as well as trade and tourism have been developed. Continuous, steady and coordinated progresses have been made in agriculture, with effective structural adjustment and obvious characteristics. “Dounan Flower” and “Chenggong Vegetable” have become famous brands at home and abroad.

With the industrial system dominated by machinery, metallurgy and cigarette, Kunming is the industrial base of Yunnan Province and an important industrial city in Southwest China. The tertiary industry accounts for a larger and larger proportion in national economy. The rapid progress of the industries of trade, tourism, information, and modern service plays an important role of promotion in the socio-economic development of the whole city.

According to the statistics of Kunming Statistics Bureau, the GDP of Kunming City, increasing fastest in the past ten years, reached 120.314 billion Yuan, raising 12.3% over the previous year, and ranking third among the provincial capital cities in West China. The financial revenue reached 24.875 billion Yuan, raising 13.9% over the previous year, and ranking second among the provincial capital cities in West China. Meanwhile, the per capita disposable income of the urban citizens increased by 12%, the number of days with good air quality reached 363 days, and steady progresses have been made in the field of society and economy.

Currently, there are 2,774 medical institutes of various kinds and 33,600 medical professionals in the City. The 170 medical service institutes based on communities cover a population of 1.86 million.

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