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Pu'er Tea

Pu'er Tea refers to loose tea and compact tea made of primary big-leaf tea of Yunnan Province by pile fermentation or long-term natural seasoning. Among various kinds of tea, Pu'er Tea is famous for its fragrance. As a historically famous tea, it can warm the stomach, reduce fat and uplift spirits. Yunnan is the original place of the famous tea. The special processing technique endows the tea with the characteristic of storage.

Where to buy:
There are three large tea markets in Kunming. Yunnan Province Tea Wholesale Market is located in the north city proper, at the south gate of Jinshi Residential Quarter, and near Baiyun Store of Carrefour. Qianwei Tea Market on Qianwei Road, Xishan District, near the old Haigeng Road. Kangle Tea Market is at 188, Guannan Avenue, Kunming City.

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