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Dynamic Yunnan (Show)

Dynamic Yunnan, a grand medley, is another stage masterpiece that displays traditional aesthetics and modern vitality. It integrates the most primitive quintessence with modern art essence in forms of songs and dances, bearing a hallmark of diversified lifestyles of ethic minorities in Yunnan Province.

Ms. Yang Liping, a renowned dancer, stars on the stage as a choreographer and art director in the play for the first time.

In the show, primitive and tribalism revealed in ethnic songs and dances collide with exquisiteness and novelty of modern art concepts, offering the audiences dramatic impressions of Yunnan.

Time: 20:00-22:00
Tel: 86-871-3130033,3134321
Add: Before May 1st, the Theatre of Yunnan Arts University; From May 1st, Yunnan Dramatic House on Dongfengxi Road. 

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Add: 8th Floor, No.1 Building of Municipal Government Kunming, No.17 Dong Feng Dong Rd, Kunming,Yunnan, PRC.
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