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Kunming World Expo Garden

The World Expo Garden is the site of '99 Kunming World Horti-Expo. The garden is constructed at the foot of the hills, in picturesque disorder and full of momentum.

Integrating the exquisite gardens and horticultural products, courtyard architecture, and science achievements of China and other 95 countries, the Garden embodies “Harmonious Development of Man and Nature”, the theme of the times.  The Garden consists of the five exhibition halls of International Hall, China Hall, Man and Nature Hall, Science and Technology Hall and the Green House, the seven theme parks of Tree Garden, Bamboo Garden, Garden of Bonsai, the Medicinal Herb Garden, the Tea Garden, the Vegetable and Fruit Garden and the Garden of Famous Flowers and Artistic Stones, and the three outdoor exhibition area of International Outdoor Exhibition Area, China Outdoor Exhibition Area and Enterprise Showplace.

 Over 2 million stems (clumps) of plants falling into 2,551 species, including 112 species of rare and endangered plants, are bred and transplanted in the Garden, creating the highest level in the past A1 Class world horticultural expos. In addition, 8 items of Guinness Records of covering area, construction speed, kinds of the plants exhibited, exquisite gardens, connected green house, bamboo species, cedar plants transplantation, and broken ridge stone sculpture are created.

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