Scenic Area around Dianchi Lake

In the mind of Kunming people Dianchi is a lake which has an important position. And around Dianchi Lake, the scenery is endless, and there are many scenic spots that people must visit in their travels. There are also some scenery hidden, which few people know, but also has the infinite scenery of Dianchi Lake.


Haiyan Village

Haiyan Village it is the only one traditional village with well-preserved Yunnan residential characteristics and Dianchi fishery culture which located in east shore of Dianchi Lake.


The building in Haiyan Village is very simple and preserves the characteristics the characteristics of Yunnan dwellings since the Qing Dynasty. Both sides of the street are basically well-preserved old adobe houses or brick houses.The distribution of houses in Haiyan Village is a bit complicated, and there are many trails. Generally, it is a “fishbone” distribution on the edge of the Dianchi Lake. Walking in the village, seems to cross back to the ancient village.

The stone road is the deepest time mark in the history of Haiyan Village. This stone road is about 1,700 meters in length, and runs through the entire village from north to south. It has been polished for more than 300 years.

One seal is a distinctive residential house in Haiyan Village. The old house is made of adobe to build the exterior wall, wooden pillars and beams build the entire roof frame, and the roof is covered with neat small blue tiles. It is the most common house types in ancient Kunming. But now it is difficult to fine.

People living in Haiyan Village lived on fishing for generations. Every year in the open lake season of Dianchi Lake, the villagers in Haiyan Village are busy again. They take small fishing boats to the Dianchi Lake to salvage fish and shrimp, and then take them to the market for sale. In order to protect the ecological environment of Dianchi Lake, Kunming has strict control over the fishing season in Dianchi. Haiyan people often have to wait for a long 11 months before they can usher in a short month of lake opening.


There is an old pier that needs to pass through the Haiyan village to reach. It is  a good place to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dianchi Lake. Because of it is opposite to Xishan Hill, it also a good place to watch the sunset.


Shicheng Park (Stone Park)

Once said go to viewing stones, Shilin may become the first choices. After all, Shilin is world-famous of its Karst landform.

However, there is a place has a lot of stones where near the Dianchi Lake. Although it can't be compared with Shilin, it is quite worth seeing. It is a small lava landform in Xishan District of Kunming, called Shicheng Park.


Shicheng Park is located in the foothills of the Tanglang River at the outlet of Dianchi Lake. It is a beautiful natural landscape garden. Because  it is surrounded by a peak wall about several meters high, like a strong castle, which is also the source of the name "Stone Park".





Baiyukou Scenic Area located at the west shore of Dianchi Lake, about 30 kilometers away from Kunming. It extends like a peninsula into the Dianchi Lake, forming a unique landscape, where the trees are lush all year round, the lake is clear and the environment is quiet.

Once here, when the flood season of Dianchi Lake approaches, a lot of sediment will be accumulated here, and the sedimentation lake will form an underwater backflow, the water is quiet, and the small white fish flock to it, so this place is named "Baiyukou" (means white fish gathering place).


Haikou Forest Farm

Haikou Forest Farm is about 50 kilometers away from the Kunming city center. It is located in the drainage area of Dianchi Lake, adjacent to Haikou Town. The Haikou Forest Farm was established in 1956 and has a history of 64 years. It can be described as a forest in the sea, full of verdant green.

There used to be very few trees here. For more than 60 years, afforestation has been carried out here, the barren mountains have been eliminated, and tree species have been gradually adjusted and renewed. Finally, the mountains and ridges here have become green, forming a green ocean. The forest coverage rate has increased from 33.8% in 1980 to the current 90%the above.

In addition to forests and flowers, Haikou Forest Farm also has a forestry museum, which collects many forestry-related pictures and objects, which record and convey forest-related knowledge.

In different seasons, Haikou Forest Farm has different landscapes. In spring and summer, flowers are in full bloom and trees are shaded. In autumn and winter, ginkgo and maple leaves become golden, forming a golden world. 


Feel the vastness of Dianchi Lake and feel the quiet time!