Dianchi Lake Sightseeing Bus

Recently, the Dianchi Lake Sightseeing Bus has officially opened in Kunming Dianchi Lake National Tourism Resort. Tourists can take this sightseeing bus to switch to various scenic spots in Dianchi Resort.


The Dianchi Lake Sightseeing Bus runs total 19.5 kilometers and has 15 stations. The starting station is the parking lot of Dianchi Road Saigon Pier. The operating route is: Saigon Pier Station—Haigeng Dam Parking Station—Guanjing Middle Road Station—Guanjing Road Station—Haigeng Tourist Cable Car Station—Haigeng Park North Gate Station—Haigeng Park East Gate Station—Haigeng Village Station (Go)—Hubin Road Station (Haihong Wetland Park)—Haigeng Village Station (back)—Haigeng Park Station (Dianchi Hot Spring Garden International Hotel)—Yunnan Nationalities Village Station—Hongta East Road Crossing Station (Qigongli)—Haiya Road Crossing Station(Park 1903 Station)—Hairun Road Crossing (Park 1903 Artificial Lake)—Saigon Pier Station.


The Dianchi Lake Sightseeing Bus can pass through the most beautiful plane tree view in Yinghai Road, the best gull-viewing area Caohai Dam, covering Yunnan Nationalities Village, Haigeng Park and other well-known attractions, and finally arrive at Park 1903, which can fully meet the needs of tourists to switch attractions within 15 minutes.


The ticket price of Dianchi Lake Sightseeing Bus is 3 yuan per person. At present, it is tentatively scheduled that the departure interval of each bus is 1 hour, and the departure time is from 8:00 in the morning to 18:00 in the evening. On weekends or public holidays, the running time of the schedule will be extended according to the number of tourists. Tourists can search for "No. 2 Tourist Sightseeing Line" through the "Spring City e Road" APP, and inquire about the specific bus route and bus arrival time.


(Article & photo:Kunming Dianchi National Tourist Resort