City Memory—Panjiawan Antiques Market

Panjiawan Antiques Market located at No.130 West Renmin Road, it has been build in 2004. At its peak time, there were more than 200 shops.


Many shops has move out from the market for urban planning and transformation. Although the market is no more crowded scene like before, you still can spend a lot of time in the market. Panjiawan Antiques Market is more like a secondhand market rather than a antiques market. You can more easily find a old objects which with low price in here.

In Panjiawan Antique Market, you can find many secondhand books. The price of books are very low only for 1 and 2 yuan each, and high price book is between 10 yuan to 15 yuan each. If you are lucky and encounter a book that is out of print, it is definitely worth buying.



Today's Panjiawan Antique market is more of a memory. these old objects that record the changes and development of this city.




(Article & photo:innyo)