It’s Time For Eating Wild Mushrooms

The rainy season is the best environment for the growth of wild mushrooms in Yunnan. The rain brings not only humid and sultry weather, but also the delicious gifts of nature. The edible wild mushroom in Yunnan account for more than half of edible fungi in the world and two-thirds of edible fungi in China. If you come to Yunnan for the first time in the wild mushroom season, you must not miss these delicious wild mushrooms. Local people has create a lot of different cooking method for each different variety wild mushrooms, so that the unique flavor of wild mushrooms can be taste.



Stir frying is the most traditional method of wild mushrooms. It can be cooked with garlic, dried chili or green pepper. Without too much seasoning, only the pure natural aroma of wild mushrooms and the spicy chili can also be delicious. The most suitable mushrooms for stir-fry are boletus mushroom, Ganba mushroom, Lactarius volemus mushroom, etc.




Wild Mushroom Soup

Wild mushroom soup is the delicious essence of soup. The soup can be sauteed with a small amount of oil and then cooked in chicken stock, or boiled in water and put in wild mushrooms. Note that the soup should not be too much seasoning. Wild mushroom soup is famous for its nature and fresh taste. The most suitable mushrooms for soup are russula virescens mushroom, collybia albuminosa mushroom, chanterelle mushroom, tricholoma matsutake mushroom and etc.


Deep fry

The most common deep fried wild mushroom should be collybia albuminosa mushroom. Allow the water to dry, fry in the oil pan until the  collybia albuminosa mushroom become golden, and mix with spices, dried chili, star anise, pepper, etc. It can be used as a dish or as a seasoning. When you are cooking noodles or rice noodles add a little of the Collybia Albuminosa Mushroom Oil and the mushrooms it will add a unique taste. The fragrant smell and crisp taste of collybia albuminosa mushroom will give you an unforgettably memory.




A Bite of China let people know the tricholoma matsutake mushroom of Shangri-La, Yunnan. The butter pan-fried tricholoma matsutake mushroom will keep the most original taste of it. Tastes it carefully, and the unique aroma will spread in the mouth, making people fall in love. Tricholoma matsutake mushrooms and collybia albuminosa mushroom are suitable for pan-fired.




Roast wild mushrooms directly on the fire until cooked. It is important to control the firepower. You can't scorch or apply grease, so that the original flavor of wild mushrooms can be preserved. The most suitable mushrooms for roast are tricholoma matsutake mushrooms, russula virescens mushrooms and etc.


Wild Mushroom Hotpot

Wild mushroom hot pot, you can taste all the wild mushrooms you want to eat in one pot. Wild mushroom use chicken soup as base, add different variety wild mushroom in it. Whether it is visual, taste or smell, it is a great enjoyment.


In addition to these most common cooking methods for wild mushrooms, Yunnan people have created their own cooking method according to the unique taste and flavor of each mushroom to maximize the taste of wild mushrooms.


Wild mushrooms are delicious, but pay attention to safety when enjoying food.

1. Do not pick and eat unfamiliar, rotten, and unidentifiable wild fungi.

2. Eating wild mushrooms should avoid mixing of multiple types, and it is best to eat only one type at a time. It must be cooked thoroughly during cooking, and cold salad is strictly prohibited. It is not advisable to drink alcohol when eating wild mushrooms to prevent the reaction of toxins and alcohol.

3. If you feel dizziness, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, irritability, hallucinations and other symptoms after eating wild mushrooms, you should go to the nearest medical institution for medical treatment as soon as possible.


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