Panlong River Sightseeing Boat

The Panlong River starts from Liangwang Mountain in the northwest of Songming County in the north and reaches the estuary of Dianchi  Lake in Haigeng Village, Fuhai Township, Guandu District, in the south. The 105-kilometer-long river flows out of Songhua Dam, flows through the city, and flows into Dianchi Lake. It is the only river that traverses the urban area of Kunming city. 


Panlong River has always been a major navigable channel in Kunming, and the history of shipping in Panlong River can be traced back to at least the Yuan Dynasty. Last year, Panlong River officially resumed navigation, the navigation services has divided into the bus test section and sightseeing test section.


The bus test section is belong to the urban slow traffic system. Depart from the Youguan Bridge stop and go down to Yuantong Bridge → Nantai Bridge → Desheng Bridge → Shuanglong Bridge and other stops → terminal to Yongping Bridge stop. One way is about 5 kilometers, and there are 6 bus stops in total. Covers the downtown area between the North and South Ring Road.


The sightseeing test section is about 5 kilometers round trip. Tourists boarding from Yuantong Bridge station (Taoyuan Plaza Central Pier) → Going upstream, crossing the Youguan bridge → U-turn return near the Migui Railway Bridge → Crossing Taoyuan Plaza → Reaching the upstream of Nantai Bridge U-turn → Return to Yuantong Bridge station.


The both two test section choose Kunming downtown area, and it connects many scenic spots which with unique culture of Kunming. The transportation around the test section is convenient too. And the  sightseeing test section has a very charming view when the spring in coming. On both sides of the Panlong Rive has Jacaranda in full bloom,  sitting on the boat with the breeze blowing on the face is a fantastic experience.



Since this month the Panlong River Sightseeing test section has open for night cruise. After a series of lighting upgrades on both sides of the Panlong River, colorful lights and city view by the river created special view of Kunming Night.





Now the Panlong River Sightseeing test section has 8 shifts during the day, another 2 night shifts. The ticket price for daytime shifts is 20 yuan per person, night shifts is 30 yuan per person. 


Article source:innyo

Photo source:innyo、YunnanFabu