To Meet the Most Beautiful Agreement with Jacaranda

In the past few years, Jiaochangzhong Road is the hottest place to take photos in Kunming. From April to mid of May every year, Jacaranda has become one of the most beautiful flowers on the streets in the City. There are more than 250 jacarandas planted on both sides of the two-kilometer-long road of the Jiaochangzhong Road. The flowers dye the entire tree and street to a blue-purple color. Walk slowly under the jacaranda trees, as if wandering in a blue dream in the sea of flowers. When the flower rain falls, it looks romantic and as poetic as its flower language "waiting for love in despair".

In 1984, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences first introduced jacaranda to Kunming from Algeria at the same time with phoenix wood. Both of them are tall and beautiful when it blooms, especially suitable for grown as road landscape tree. Jacaranda grows well in Kunming, generally blooms from April to June, but flowering period is short than the original place only about one month.

The jacaranda is in full bloom every year, which always attracts tourists from the whole country to Kunming. Jiaochangzhong Road, an important secondary road connecting Xuefu Road and Erhuan North Road, becomes more congested. In March this year, Jiaochangzhong Road underwent road upgrading and reconstruction. The floor tiles on the sidewalk, the walls on both sides of the road, and the landscape of the theme square have been specially set up with jacaranda theme patterns to create an atmosphere for the entire block. Four new theme parks and theme squares were added at the intersection of Erhuan North Road, Jiaochang North Road, Jiaochang West Road and Xuefu Road to further highlight the blue jacaranda theme. This transformation also set up some safe areas suitable for taking photos to avoid safety hazards caused by tourists staying on the road.

The unique landscape design has made the Jacaranda theme park become a good place for tourists and citizens to enjoy flowers and relax. In the Jacaranda theme park, you can also buy the Jacaranda ice cream.

In addition to the Jiaochangzhong Road in Kunming, there are also some  places are surrounded by the beautiful blue and purple flowers, you must not miss it.


Panlong Riverside

The jacarandas in Panlong Riverside were planted before the 1999 Kunming World Horticultural Expo. So far these trees have a breast diameter of about 15 cm and a height of about 8 meters. Walk along the 2km long trail, the blue-purple flowers and trees dotted with green plants are particularly eye-catching, and also decorate the scenery along the Panlong Riverside.

Taking the "Yunjin 1" was also one of the best ways to view the jacaranda flowers. The whole river bank is purple and blue, which blends in with the scenery of the river, and with the green willow, the whole landscape is full of vitality.


Chuncheng Road

Chuncheng Road can be regarded as the hottest location in this year for people who likes to take photo for jacaranda. Jacaranda at the entrance of Tailong Hongrui Hotel is in full bloom. A small alley outside the hotel has the convenience of close contact with the jacaranda. Tourists can take an intimate photo with the blooming flowers without looking up. (Please enjoy flowers in a civilized manner, please do not climb the fence).


Hongjin Road

There are also many jacaranda trees planted in Hongjin Road, not only the whole street but the residential area, Yueyatang Park and campus of Yunnan University of Finance and Economics. In the whole street block you can find the most beautiful blue flower sea.


Beijing Road

The jacaranda in Beijing Road planted as the decoration of central green belt. So it is not able to form a flower sea, but it also a different scene of beauty.


Dianchi Road

There are many jacarandas are planted from the Guangfu Road to Dianchi Road. They have also been planted for several years, forming a certain landscape. It looks like the flowers are particularly beautiful, like patches of "blue mist".


Denghua Street

Denghua Street is located at the west foot of Wuhua hill. It starts from Huashan West Road to the north of Huanggong East Street in the west. It is 223 meters long, east-west direction, high in the east and low in the west. Near Denghua Street, the last bluestone road in Kunming is kept. There are dozens of jacarandas planted on the roadside. In early summer, the eyes are full of blue and purple mist.



(Article:Internet Photo:innyo)