Wall painting in Xunjin Street

Xunjin Street is a old street in Kunming city. According to historical records, the name "Xunjin Street" has been found in the Qing Dynasty. Xunjin Street north start from Jinbi Road, south end at Shuanglong Bridge.

During the Qing Dynasty, due to the flooding of the Panlong River all year round, the Qing government built the “Yunjin Dyke”, a sentry post for flood control, and gradually formed a street. The "xun" in "Xunjin Street" means the meaning of observation and prevention. "Jin" refers to Panlong river.

Xunjin Street has a long history but it has become more and more worn out as time goes by. So a repair of the Xunjin street is necessary. However large-scale reconstruction are not easy, so a group of students from the Yunnan Academy of Art have some good idea to evitalize the streets.

They are working on relief and printmaking on the outer walls of the street. Some places where the wall peeled off were also painted with cartoon images, which were very cute.

As a model demonstration community and a special neighborhood for the reconstruction of the old community in Kunming, the reconstruction of the Xunjin New Village not only makes the street and community environment look new, but also highlights the historical and humanistic features, and makes this old street rejuvenate once.

In Kunming, there are a lot of historcal constrction use yellow as outer wall color such as Yunnan Military Academy. So since 2014, yellow has become the main constrction color of Kunming city. So the repair of Xunjin Street also choose yellow as the background color.

In Xunjin Street, you can still see a lot of exquisite and small French-style buildings. They are silent and uncontested under the cover of the green phoenix trees. In addition to the historical sense brought by the small buildings. The various styles of wall paintings also inject a fresh afternoon sun into this increasingly urbanized pedestrian street.


(Picture and Article:Innyo)

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