Water-Splashing Festival in Yunnan Nationalities Village

Water-Splashing Festival also known as Yufo Festival, Songkran Festival, it is a traditional festival of the Dai, Achang, Bulang, Wa, De'ang, and Thai and Southeast Asian regions. In Yunnan, Water-Splashing Festival is also the most influential festival of all the minority festivals. For Dai people Water-Splashing Festival is the New Year.


From 10th to 14th of April, Yunnan Nationalities Village will hold many different activities to celebrate the Water-Splashing Festival. With rich cultural connotations and wonderful activities, Yunnan Nationalities Village has made visitors enjoy the joy of Water-Splashing Festival, feel the original Water-Splashing Festival customs, and experience an extraordinary trip in Kunming.


Young men and women, with various vessels holding water, rush to streets and alleys, chase and play. "Water splashed makes Dai people flourish." "Getting wet means happiness got forever." Water sprays in the air, representing luck, happiness and health. People splash water heartily with laughter. 


Yunnan Nationalities Village give you a chance to join this wonderful holiday activities in Kunming. In the morning, boys and girls dressed up in holiday clothing, dancing and singing in front of the east gate to welcome every tourists. Then will hold the "Buddha bathing", women will shoulder the burden of water for Buddha bathing to pray for blessings. After that, people will start to splash water on each other for blessing, hoping that diseases and disasters will be washed away by the holy water. The Dai Village and Tuanjie Square will be the main venue for water-splashing. The lovely elephants will also use the long elephant trunk to spray the holy water to give the tourists a holiday blessing.



Article:Yunnan Nationalities Village

Picture: Kunming Dianchi National Tourism Resort Management Committee