Yunnan Scenic Area Ticket on Sale Now for International Women’s Day

The International Women's Day is coming, many scenic areas in Yunnan has tickets on sale now. Let’s find out where is the best place to go for your holiday.


Alugudong in Luxi County

From the 1st to 15th of March, women tourists from all over the world can purchase the ticket for 60 yuan/person(original price is 90y yuan/person).And if your birthday is March 8, you can entry the scenic area for free with your ID.


Yunnan Nationalities Village

Yunnan Nationalities Village located at the shore of Dianchi Lake, under the Xishan Hill. In the early spring, the beautiful flowers in the Yunnan Nationalities Village are competing to bloom, and the fresh air is full of fragrance.

With the International Women's Day coming,every woman deserves the best. The Yunnan Nationnalities Village launched a series of activities on the “International Women's Day” and wished every woman has a happy holiday. On the day holiday, there are two performances with Yunnan local ethnic minority style. Show you the mysterious beauty of a few ethnic groups in Yunnan. On the day of the holiday, female tourists can have the tickets for only 60 yuan/ person.


Jiaozi Snow Mountain

During the International Women’s Holiday (from 8th to 10th of March), all the female tourists for free to entry, and the first 500 female tourists will get a garland for free. 


Qingyu Bay

On the March 8, 2019, every woman tourists to the Qingyu Bay use Wecheat App to follow the Kunming Qingyu Bay Water Park will get a free chance to go to the park.



Overseas Chinese Town Hot Spring Park

From March 8 to 17, female tourist can enjoy the on sale tickets for 38 yuan per person. And another special package for female, 498 yuan for two guests enjoy the one night in holiday hotel and two tickets for the water park.



Mile Keyi Town Scenic Area

Keyi Town will have the welcome ceremony in the morning,and dance show in the afternoon from March 8 to March 10. During this period, women tourists can purchase ticket on half price. Half-price concessions are also available for men accompanied by women.And if your birthday is March 8, you can entry the scenic area for free with your ID.


Colorful Yunnan Paradise

The original price of 198 yuan per person for the Color Yunnan Paradise ticket, half price during the International Women’s Day, only 99 yuan can have fun in the happy world for a whole day.