The Best Choice of Cold Winter, Let’s Go To Xishuangbanna to Meet the Tropic Style

When the whole country is snowing, do you want to have a warm winter? Why not to go all the way from Kunming and to Xishuangbanna to meet a different tropical style.

Route: Kunming→Mojiang→Jinghong→Kunming



Mojiang Hani Autonomous County in the south of Yunnan Province, it is the only one Hani Autonomous County in China. Hani county hold the Tropic of Cancer International Twin Festival Mojiang China and Sun Festival of Hani every year since 2005. The Tropic of Cancer crosses the Mojiang County and is known as the “Home of Hani, the City of Return, the House of Twins” and the “Place where the Sun Turns”.


The Tropic of Cancer Sign Park

The Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Sign Park is located in the west of Mojiang County. It was built in 1993 and is one of the largest and most complete features of the Tropic of Cancer in the world. It integrates astronomy, geography and garden art, national culture and tourism.


Bixi Ancient Town

Bixi Ancient Town first built in Ming Dynasty, it is a important station on the Ancient tea-hourse Road. The architecture is complete and well preserved. It is the seat of the ancient Mojiang County.


Twins Well

There is a well called Twins Well with a history over 1800 years that the Tropic of Cancer crosses. It is said people who drink the water in the well will give birth to twins as their wishes. Thus, the name Twins Well comes into being. 



Jinghong City is located at the southern end of Yunnan Province and is the capital of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. Its unique geographical location makes it is the only tropical rainforest nature reserve in China. The special ethnic minority culture also waiting for you to explore.


Scenic Spot Recommended

Wild Elephant Valley

Xishuangbanna Wild Elephant Valley located at Mengyang Xishuangbanna National Natural Reserves and the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve, 22 kilometers away from Jinghong City. It is the first the theme of animal protection and environmental protection national Park in China.



 Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden located at Huludao, Menglun Town,it is the largest botanical garden in China with the largest collection of species and the largest number of plant-specific parks. It is also a comprehensive research institution and scenic spot integrating scientific research, species preservation and public science education.




Xishuangbanna Primitive Forest Park

The Primitive Forest Park is the closest piece of primeval forest to Jinghong City. The park was built on the basis of 25,000 acres of tropical gully rainforest. The forest coverage rate in the park is over 98%. It is a natural oxygen bar.



Food Recommended

The Barbecue Fish with Lemongrass

The Barbecue Fish with Lemongrass is the special dish for Dai people. Catch the fish marinated with lemongrass and coriander filled with unique flavors with locally grown green bamboo slices and baked on fire. The outer layer of the fish is crispy and the inner layer is fresh and full of flavor. Don't miss it!



Pineapple Rice

Use the pineapple from Xishuangbanna, the sweet and sour taste of pineapple and the unique aromatic scent, combined with the mellow taste of glutinous rice, will definitely make you unforgettable.