Collybia Albuminosa Mushroom Oil

Yunnan breeds diverse resources of wild edible fungi thanks to its complex topography, various forest types, soil types and unique three-dimensional climatic conditions. The edible fungi in Yunnan account for more than half of edible fungi in the world and two-thirds of edible fungi in China.

Collybia Albuminosa Mushroom, also known as Jisong mushroom, Jijao mushroom and termite mushroom, is a delicious wild delicacy, and it is called the king of mushroom, featured with fat and stocky flesh, silky fine and white texture, sweet, fresh, crisp, tender, and fragrant taster. Delicious, being comparable with chicken, hence it is called the chicken-like mushroom.

The Collybia Albuminosa Mushroom will rot soon if not eaten in time, it is has shorter storage time compare with other wild fungi, so the best way to keep Collybia Albuminosa Mushrooms is make it to Collybia Albuminosa Mushrooms Oil.


Collybia Albuminosa Mushrooms Oil is a dish which use Collybia Albuminosa Mushroom as the main ingredient. First, clean the dirt of Collybia Albuminosa Mushrooms, put it in a big bowl wait it to dry. Then, torn Collybia Albuminosa Mushroom into strips. Use a deeper wok to heat oil, when the oil is warm put the Collybia Albuminosa Mushroom in, use low heat to fry the mushrooms in order to prevent over cook. When the color of mushroom become golden brown, the cooking process is done. Wait for the oil cool down, the put all the oil and mushroom into the glass battle. 

When you are cooking noodles or rice noodles add a little of the Collybia Albuminosa Mushroom Oil and the mushrooms it will add a unique taste. When the mushrooms in the glass bottle is finished, you can use the remaining oil to fry the rice. The rich aroma will surely make you drool.