To Spring City & Celebrate the Spring Festival

The annual Spring Festival is just around the corner. With the warm weather and comforting climate, many tourists would come to Kunming to celebrate the Spring Festival every year.


During the Spring Festival of 2019, the Kunming Tourism Development Committee launched many of tourism events and activities with the theme of“To Spring City & Celebrate the Spring Festival” to show the warm winter scenery and the Spring Festival atmosphere of Kunming to visitors, and to celebrate the Chinese New Year with tourists and local citizens. 


In order to give full play to the climate advantages of Kunming Spring City, under the guidance of global tourism and wisdom tourism, Kunming will further promote the construction of tourist destinations, enrich the winter cultural tourism products, and promote the comprehensive development of cultural tourism. Kunming tourism fully creates a winter tourism atmosphere and sets off a new upsurge of cultural tourism in Kunming during the Chinese New Year. 


Warm Winter Spring Festival Holiday Trip

Ten products to celebrate Spring Festival in Kunming

Every winter in China, most of the country is covered with ice and snow, withered trees and grasses. However in the south of the country, the Spring city—Kunming has become the first choice for tourists in winter with its tourism features of “every day is spring” and “everywhere is flowers”. During the Spring Festival is a festive scene of joy and peace in Kunming.

The annual sunshine time in Kunming is 2,500 hours. The temperature in winter daytime is mostly between 15 °C and 18 °C, suitable for sunbathing. There are more than100 scenic spots in Kunming, with no peak time in tourism. Even during the Spring Festival time, the scenery is still the same. Kunming has rich geothermal resources, the hot spring water has a variety of minerals as well as the water temperature constant between 38 degrees and 42 degrees. Enjoy a hot springs in cold winter time has many benefits for you body. Seagull watching is a beautiful scenery in winter in Kunming. In the warm winter season, tens of thousands of seagulls fly regularly to Kunming for winter.

The ancient poets praised Kunming: the weather is always like February and March, and the flowers bloom for every seasons. Kunming has flowers all year round. Winter cherry blossoms, tulips, camellia, etc. make the spring city beautifully decorated. The ice waterfall in Jiaozi Snow Mountain, the world wonder Stone Forest, the colorful Dongchuan Red Land and so on are the creation base of the photographers.

Travel in Kunming during the Spring Festival you can choose to enjoy the leisure sunshine in the lakes and mountains and the pleasant scenery; or enjoy the picturesque scenery in the Wetland Park around the Dianchi Lake. You can also learn the ethnic minority customs in Yunnan Nationalities Village; or have a Self-driving tour in warm winter fully appreciate the infinite charm of Yunnan tourism.


Ticket on sale on Tour Yunnan APP

Smart Tourism give a good deal for the Spring Festival Holiday Trip

This year's Spring Festival, Kunming City and other counties, key scenic spots, tourism companies, etc. will launch 100 special Spring Festival cultural tourism activities. A series of activities such as folk song and dance performances, folk custom activities, dramas, minor folk songs, and Dian cuisine tastings will welcome the Chinese New Year and create a lively and peaceful Spring Festival for tourists.

Tour Yunnan APP as a smart tourism platform in Yunnan, it has played an irreplaceable role in the tourism market in Kunming. During the Spring Festival, major tourist attractions will offer discounted fares on the Tour Yunnan App. After the price adjustment of the Stone Forest Scenic Area and the Geological Museum, the Tour Yunnan APP purchase was only 104 yuan, with a preferential margin of 40%. In addition, Kunming Expo Park, Yunnan Nationalities Village, Yiliang Jiuxiang, Xishan Longmen, Daguan Park, Qinglong Gorge and many other scenic spots have provided substantial discounts. Citizens and tourists can purchase discounted tickets for the scenic spots by the Tour Yunnan APP. The discount will be 20% on the basis of the price reduction, and the preferential margin will be large, which will give the tourists real discounts.

“Tourism+” reflects the core value of global tourism. Under the effective support of the Internet and big data, taking tourists as the core is the essence of smart tourism, which can promote the deep integration of tourism industry and society, and let “tourism+” better help Kunming tourism development.


Ensure the safety of the Spring Festival Holiday Trip

To create quality and civilized tourism in Kunming

With long history and unique natural scenery advantages, Kunming “Spring City” enjoys a world-famous reputation. In 2018, Kunming has won many honors and won the title of “International Garden City”.

During the Spring Festival, the Kunming Tourism Development Committee planed the “To Spring City & Celebrate the Spring Festival” activities, and through a number of media to carry out extensive publicity, played a leading role in the activation of the Spring Festival tourism market.


In order to make sure the activities doing well, the Kunming Tourism Development Committee established the event organizing committee. Integrate the activities of the all folk customs, provide convenient travel services and affordable information.

While increasing the promotion of tourism product branding, we will strive to create a boutique tourist attraction and continue to enhance the attractiveness of the tourism brand. The counties and districts are responsible for organizing the scenic spots and the rural tourist reception points to open to tourists, strengthening the law enforcement of cultural and tourism markets during the festival, and ensuring that the tourism market during the Spring Festival in Kunming operates well and properly.


Kunming Tourism Spring Festival Service Center: 0871-63163620


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