Ruo'an Duiyuelou Boutique Hotel

Kunming Rouan Dauiyuelou Boutique Hotel located at a curved building on the two sides of the front of the Kunming Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall. Because of the overall architectural layout of the Anti-Japanese Victory Memorial Hall, the shape of the “Golden Wine Glass with Wreath” was formed, and it also symbolized to celebrate for the winning of war, so it was called the “wine glass building”. As one of the signature building in Kunming which combine with Eastern and Western architecture style, the wine glass building has always been the landmark building that bears the history and culture of modern Kunming. It has become a famous landmark in the Kunming Old Street. In the protection of Kunming historical and cultural program according to the principle of “repairing the old as the old”, the wine glass building has been completely renovated.


Walk into the Rou’an Dauiyuelou Boutique Hotel, lobby hall, is decorated by fresh flower and exquisite oil paintings. The room setting, which is completely in accordance with the original internal pattern of the wine glass building, creates a beautiful room of different sizes and styles in a limited space. There are total 35 rooms in the hotel, each room has different style, whatever which style you like you may find in it.




Kunming Changshui International Airport 26.8km

Kunming Nan Railway Station 30.2km

Kunming Railway Station 4.6km


Sightseeing Spots

Downtown: 1.7km

The Green Lake Park: 1.4km

Jinma Biji Square: 730m


  • Address: No.106 Guanghua Street, West Yunrui Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City (昆明市五华区云瑞西路酒杯西楼光华街106号)
  • Tel: 0871—63121266
  • Price Range: From 580 to 2680 Yuan/Night



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