Delicious Flower Dishes in Yunnan

In Yunnan, beautiful flowers are not only ornamental plants, but also popular dishes on the table. Almost every edible flower is associated with a delicious dish. According to statistics, people of all nationalities in Yunnan eat more than 160 kinds of flowers in their daily lives. In the vegetable market of Yunnan, you can see all kinds of flowers and vegetables everywhere. If you visit Yunnan without tasting the flower-made meal, it may seems like that you come for nothing.



Speaking of the flower products of Yunnan, most people may think of rose cakes, rose sugar, rose porridge, rose tea and so on. Yunnan people's preference for roses is beyond doubt.


Banana Flower

Banana flower is a special delicacy on the table of Yunnan people, and banana flower fried meat is a major dish. Tasting bitter, the flower need process of manual rubbing, parboiling and other procedures to remove astringence. It doesn't look as good as the others, but it's delicious. In addition to fried pork with banana flower, fragrant crisp banana flower, fried eggs with banana flower, and baked banana flower are also some popular Yunnan dishes.


Tangli Flower

Tangli Flower is a kind of wild shrub growing in Yunnan, rich in amino acids and vitamins with the effect of strengthening the stomach and digesting food. Although its aroma is pleasant, it tastes very bitter and needs to be washed and soaked for a long time before it can be eaten. Several common dishes are: leek with Tangli Flowr, stir-fried Tangli Flower, Tangli Flower salad, and sauced Tangli Flower.


Cole Flower

Cole flowers have a pungent smell, whether you smell or eat it, you can’t help yourself shedding tears. Cold mix cole flower, coke flower stir-fry are relatively common dishes. Some people also use it to cook soup and hot pot, etc. With important economic value and ornamental value, cole flower is an important tourist resource. You should come to Tonghai and taste the Chong dishes.



The broom got its name from its bird-like appearance, and some people call it the “parakeet flower”. It seems that every beautiful flower loves eggs. Tonghai people fry eggs with broom, which smells fragrant and sweet. It is so delicious that some people call it "the fragrance of forest", which taste as fresh and sweet as meat and has a unique flavor.


Magnolia Flower

Spring is the season when magnolia flowers blossom, and at this time, magnolia flower tastes delicious. Magnolia flower can be used to make many dishes. It can be fried with meat, fried into crisp magnolia flower, and made as magnolia flower stuffed meatballs. Its unique fragrance makes greasy dishes fresh and refreshing.

Common dishes: magnolia flower cake, magnolia flower steamed cake, magnolia  flower meat slices, magnolia flower salad, magnolia flower vegetable assorted, magnolia flower rice porridge, magnolia flower egg soup, etc.


Jade Lotus

When a jade lotus flower is mature, its petals are pink. And a jade lotus flower should have six or seven petals, which are used to make dishes. Thick petal meat exudes a very special fragrance, but only adding jade lotus in frying vegetables is inadequate. Adding some boiled mashed beans will make the dish taste different.

In Yunnan, fried bean with jade lotus is a very famous dish. The soft taste of mashed broad beans and the lingering fragrance of jade lotus are refreshing.


The Taro Flower

In Yunnan, taro flower is often used for cooking. The main cooking method is to fry or steam it with eggplant, green pepper and so on. Steamed stinky tofu with taro flower is a home-cooked delicacy favored by people with heavy taste.


Pumpkin Flower

The stem of the pumpkin flower is about 30cm long, and the receptacle is a green pentagonal bell. You can enjoy eating the flower after removing the skin from the stem, the surface from the base, and the center from the flower. Pumpkin flowers are very common in Yunnan and have been used for cooking for a long time. Therefore, there are dozens of cooking methods for pumpkin flowers. To name it a few: fried pumpkin flower, pumpkin flower fried eggs, peanuts pumpkin flower soup, beer pumpkin flower, green pepper Fried pumpkin flower, raw bitter gourd pumpkin flower, pumpkin flower cake and pumpkin flower porridge.


Notoginseng Flower

In addition to being used for drinking water as tea, Zhuang people in Wenshan also cook notoginseng flowers into dishes and cook them into "fried frog with notoginseng flower". The dish looks green and white, the flavor is fresh and fragrant, and the frog meat is tender and fresh.


Egg Flower

Also known as Burma gardenia, egg yolk flower, India jasmine, season flowers, egg flower smell refreshing and tastes slightly bitter. It can be used to make herbal tea drinks and fried with effect of relieving sore throat. It is very popular in Xishuangbanna!



Almost all the rhizome and leaves of lotus can be eaten, from the newly sprouted lotus tip to lotus flower, lotus leaf, lotus seed, lotus stamen and lotus root.


Leek Flower

 Leek flower can be used to make many kinds of dishes. It can be accompanied by mutton hotpot to eat, fried with shredded meat and scrambled eggs and so on. Of course,the most delicious is Qujing Yunnan pickled leek flower which is a famous dish sold all over the world.


Records show that Yunnan has a history of flower eating for more than 1,000 years. Perhaps even Yunnan people themselves do not know how many kinds of flowers can be eaten and how many ways each flower can be eaten.