Nan Dianchi Wetland Park

Kunming special inland plateau location makes many Kunming people have a deep yearning for the sea and willing to go to a island for vacation. Nan Dianchi Wetland Park is a nearest place for Kunming people’ dream come true.




Nan Dianchi Wetland Park located at southwest of Dianchi Lake in Kunming city, 54km away from Kunming city center. Bright sunshine, soft sand, wooden planks and palm trees that has rich island style, must can let you feel in a tropic island. 

In Nan Dianchi Wetland Park there are not only beach landscape, but also many plants. The entire wetland planted with 226 kinds of plants, forested, lush herbs, like a green sea, and wandering around in this sea of green is the most relaxed time after busy work. 


Nan Dianchi Wetland Park is located in the largest migratory bird migration channel in western China, attracting a variety of migratory birds every winter.



In a summer weekends, if you want to experience camping in Kunming, the Nan Dianchi Wetland Park is a good choice. It far away from city, The air is fresh and the visibility is high where is perfect for star watching.



Driving route:

1.Kunming—Gaohai Highway—Kunyang Tall Station—Kunyang Town—South Huanhu Roand

2.Kunming—Kunyu Highway—Kunyang Tall Station—Kunyang Town—South Huanhu Roand

3.Kunming—East Huanhu Road—South Huanhu Roand