A More Than Hundred Years Rice Noodle Restaurant- Jianxinyuan

When a food brand existed for more than a century. It is no longer a restaurant, it is a feeling of engraving into the blood of a city. The name of Jianxinyuan and the products, services, and quality it provides are trusted and welcomed by the people in the long time.

Jianxinyuan founded in 1906, formerly known as Sanhechun, in 1952 it renamed as Jianxinyuan. It is the only China’s Time Honored Brand rice noodle shop in Yunnan cross-bridge rice noodle market. It has won the  National Food Class Award: Golden Tripod Award.

The signature food of Jianxinyuan must be the Cross-bridge rice noodle. Rich ingredients include chicken, fish, pork, ham, quail eggs and squid. The hot soup serves in a big bowl with a thick layer of goose oil floating on top which is a good heat sealing. Added with all the ingredients follow the order from raw to cooked, rice noodle is the last one. Wait for few minutes then enjoy your delicious food.  




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