5 Day In-depth Tour From Kunming to Pu’er

Route: Kunming→Pu'er→Ximeng→Menglian→Jingmai Mountain→Kunming


Day 1


Pu'er City is located in the southwest of Yunnan Province, about 413 kilometers from Kunming. It takes about 5 hours to drive. You can take a flight from Kunming to Pu'er, about 50 minutes, or take a long-distance bus at the South Bus Terminal.


Pu'er City was once an important courier station along the Ancient Tea Horse Road. It is one of the important producing areas for the renown Pu'er tea and one of the largest tea producing areas in China.

Mengwofo Temple Twin Tower

Mengwofo Temple Twin Tower, commonly known as “tree in tower” and “tower in tree”. Located in Dazhai Village, Weiyuan Township, Jinggu County, Pu'er City, it is the former official Buddhist temple, which includes mountain gates, side gates, twin towers, ordination halls, audience hall and boudoirs, covering a total area of 3.335 hectares. The twin towers juxtapose on both sides of the audience hall in the north and south.


Day 2

Tea Horse Road Scenic Area

The Ancient Tea Horse Road refers to the private international trade channel that exists in the southwestern part of China and uses the caravan as the main means of transportation. It is the corridor for the economic and cultural exchanges for the southwestern Chinese nations and the oldest foreign trade and economic trade road in Chinese history.

The Ancient Tea Horse Road Site in the scenic area is an important section of the Ancient Tea Horse Road in the north-south direction. It is the starting point for the tribute tea to enter Beijing and also the section with the most complete preservation, the longest mileage, the strongest culture and the best ecology along the road.

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Pu'er Sun River National Forest Park

The implied meaning in the name of the Sun River National Forest Park is to make a never-setting sun rise in the heart of Pu'er people, and the Mother Earth nourishes us forever.

With rich heat, humid climate, dense forest, abundant food, and natural salt ponds distributed on both sides of the Sun River, the park provides a very favorable environmental condition for the living and reproduction of wild animals. It is also the only "Bos Javanicus Habitat" in China and is known as the "Hometown of Bos Javanicus".


Day 3


Ximeng Yi Autonomous County is affiliated to Pu'er City, Yunnan Province, located in the Awa Mountain area in the west of Pu'er City, 293 kilometers from Pu'er City.

Muyiji Holy Valley

Muyiji Holy Valley is the god of the Va people. The Va people believe in the primitive religion of the trinity of nature worship, god worship and ancestor worship. Every year, the Yi people worship pilgrimage and pray for his blessing on peace and good fortune. Its main landscapes include eucalyptus, Muyiji stone statue, human head pile, and holy pond.


Mengsuo Longtan Lake

Mengsuo Longtan Lake is a natural tropical rainforest freshwater lake located in the middle of the Mengsuo Longtan Lake Nature Reserve, at the south side of Ximeng County. The scenery of emerald mountains around Longtan Lake, along with the harmonious integration of the sparkling lake water and the clear blue sky, is very charming. The Longmoye Holy Land in the Longtan Lake Scenic Area is the place where the Va people worship the gods, contribute sacrifices to their ancestors, and pray for peace.


Day 4


Menglian is an important gateway to Southeast Asian countries such as Myanmar and Thailand. It is a provincial-level open port and has the reputation of “Emerald in the Border” and “Hometown of Dragon Blood Trees”. It is 230 km away from Pu’er.

Menglian Gold Tower

Menglian Gold Tower is located on the bank of the charming Nanlei River. It consists of 8 small towers surrounding a main tower. The main tower is 31.68 meters high. Each small tower is hung with wind chimes. When the wind blows, the wind chimes emit crisp clinks. People will feel the special meanings of the Buddha, and the Dai people believe it is "the Sanskrit from heaven."


Menglian Xuanfu Chieftain Office

Menglian Xuanfu Chieftain Office is located in Nayun Ancient Town of Menglian Dai Lahu and Yi Autonomous County in Yunnan Province. This ancient building complex is well preserved, blending the features of Dai style and Han style architecture. The rule of the Dai hereditary chieftain had lasted for more than 500 years since the Ming and Qing dynasties.


Day 5

Menglian→Jingmai Mountain

Jingmai Mountain, located in Lancang Lahu Autonomous County of Pu'er City, is the oldest major Pu'er tea producing area in China. It is the last oasis in the Northern Tropic belt. It has a history of 1,800 years of tea planting and is the birthplace of the world tea tree.

Jingmai Mangjing Scenic Area

Ten-thousand Acres of Ancient Tea Garden, Nuogan Village (Dai), Wengji Village (Blang) and other attractions. The Ten-thousand Acres of Ancient Tea Garden in Jingmai Mangjing Scenic Area is the world's best preserved, oldest and largest cultivated ancient tea garden. It has been praised as the “Natural Museum of Tea Trees” by experts and scholars at home and abroad, and is the root and origin of the world tea culture.


Brilliant Pu'er Tea Fazenda

Brilliant Pu'er Tea Fazenda is a traditional while look-ahead modern fazenda that integrates Pu'er tea planting, processing, warehousing, tourism and culture as a whole. It is located at the foot of Jingmai Mountain at an altitude of about 1,400 meters.



Day 6

Jingmai Mountain→Kunming






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