Beer & Music Festival

2108 Beer & Music Festival will be held on 13th to 15th July in South Dianchi Wetland Park, Jinning District. Beer & Music Festival is one of the activities of Kunming Zhenghe International Cultural and Tourism Festival, the theme of this Beer & Music Festival include beach, beer, Music, culture and creativity elements.


Part 1 Performance Information

In the Beer & Music Festival, there are three days music performance, you can find whatever music type you like in the Festival. The large LED screen will play 2018 FIFA World Cup in real time, enjoy the exciting competition.

Part 2 Game Zone

South Dianchi Wetland Park has the largest artificial beach in Kunming, why not play a beach football match with friends.


Part 3 Special Delicious Food

In the Beer & Music Festival not only have beer but also many delicious food such as Jinning local food, snacks, don’t miss it.

Part 4 Creative Market

For fun and artistry of this activity, creative market has creative work exhibition.

Ticket Information

Early birds ticket: 100 yuan/person for three days, only sale 100 tickets.

Pre-sale ticket: 50 yuan/person (one day)  120 yuan/person (three days) sale time end at 12th of July 12

On-site ticket: 60yuan/person (one day)  150yuan/person(three days)


Where to purchase tickets?

Changchun Theater, No.25-31 Middle of Renmin Road, Wuhua District

Chuncheng Theater, No.339 Baita Road, Panlong District


(Article Recourse:Yunnan Wang )

(Photo Credit: 陆晓旭)