Kunming Two Wetland Park Wins World Class Landscape Award

The IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) recently have announced the AAPME Awards 2018 (Resilience by Design-IFLA Africa,Asia Pacific and Middle East regions). Kunming Dounan Wetland Park and Dongdahe Wetland Park both received the highest level award of each category- Outstanding Award. 


Dounan Wetland Park

Outstanding Award of Flood and Water Management


Dongdahe Wetland Park

Outstanding Award of Wildlife, Biodiversity, Habitat Enhancement or Creation

IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) was founded at the University of Cambridge in the UK in 1948, headquarters are in Brussels ,Belgium. IFLA currently represents 76 national associations from Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, and a newly emerging region in the Middle East. IFLA is the largest international academic organization with the greatest influence in the international landscape industry guided by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). In 2005, the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture officially joined IFLA and became the representative of China. 

IFLA AAPME Awards 2018-Resilience by Design is an inaugural award initiated by the IFLA Africa, Asia Pacific and Middle East (AAPME)regions. It is also the first time in the history that a cross-regional collaboration has been awarded.


Dounan Wetland Park is located in the East shore of Dianchi Lake, connected with Wangguan Wetland on the north side, cover about 650 mu. During the construction of the wetland, reconnect the land-wetland-Dianchi Lake ecosystem. At the same time, the water after through upstream sewage treatment plant was used as the water source of the wetland system. The use of ecological methods has purified the water quality in the Dounan Wetland Park.



Dounan Wetland Park has grown about 5,000 arbor trees. Among them, the new introduction of 1,400 metasequoias will become a characteristic landscape along the shore of Dianchi Lake. With the supporting facilities such as walking trails and bird watching houses will provide visitors with new experiences of natural.


Dongdahe Wetland Park is located at the Southernmost part of the Dianchi Lake, it is the biggest wetland around the Dianchi Lake, total cover 5,400 mu. In the wetland, the ecological basement and natural landscape of pre-constracation has been preserved. Ageratina adenophora and other harmful invasive alien species has replaced by ottelia acuminata. Formed a variety of ecological landscapes.



(Reference: iflaonline.org, ifla2018)

(photo credit:Internet)