One-day Flower-touring around Kunming

Kunming is surrounded by mountains on three sides, Dianchi Lake is on the south side of Kunming. Dianchi Lake is the largest plateau lakes in Kunming as well as sixth largest freshwater lake in China. Kunming has known as spring city is all thanks for the Dianchi Lake regulates temperature and humidity. It makes Kunming has flower all the seasons. 


Blue sea—Jacaranda

Every year at the turn of the spring and summer , jacaranda is one of the most beautiful flower on the street in Kunming. Cone-shaped purple inflorescence with pinnate compound leaves, it is very romantic when the petals fall down. The most distinctive street in Kunming is where hundreds of jacaranda has planted as street trees , which from Xuefu Road to Jiaochangzhong Road, it goes all the way to about 2km at the beginning of the north Erhuan Road. Now it becomes a nationally famous landscape jacaranda avenue.

In 1984, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences first introduced jacaranda to Kunming from Algeria at the same time with phoenix wood. Both of them are tall and beautiful when it blooms, especially suitable for grown as road landscape tree. Jacaranda grows well in Kunming, generally blooms from April to June, but flowering period is short than the original place only about one month.

Visit place:Several street in Kunming city, mainly in Xuefu Road to Jiaochangzhong Road, around Panlong river, Green lake, Beijing Road, Hongjin Road, West Qianwei road etc.


Hydrangea flower field

Austral huashan is located in Yangzonghai,Chengjiang County, an hour drive from Kunming. Austral huashan is an urban farm, from May of every year, this field has become a beautiful and romantic place. More than hundreds of different variety hydrangea are full blooms. Walk around in the flower field, it seems like step in a fairy tale world. Hard working gardeners is busy at work, warm sunshine spare in the farm, the group of hydrangeas swaying with the wind.


From May to August every year, the macrophylla series of hydrangea flowers fully opend, but arborescens series of hydrangea flower balls will slowly turn to white in June.

Arborescens series of hydrangea has a discoloration process. At the begging, Arborescens series of hydrangea would be pale green, it looks spectacular at that time, but it is hard to describe as romantic scenery. They gradually turn into white fluffy flower ball looks lovely.

Austral huashan is a rosales resource gene pool too, now it hsa already collected over 1800 rosales resources.


Address: Zuoweiying, Yangzong Township,Chengjiang County, Yuxi City

Address in Chinese:玉溪市澄江县阳宗镇左卫营

Tel: 0871-67441128 ( Please make a reservation one day before, only allows 100 visitors to entry everyday )

Ticket price: 200 yuan

Opening hour: 8:00-18:00


A colorful lily world 

Jiaoye Park is located in western suburb of Kunming,more than 50,000 liles have been opened. From now to 29th of July Jiaoye Park will held Lily and hydrangea exhibition. During the flower exhibition there are more than 20,000 hydrangeas and 5,000 more dahlias distributed in the park resort and beauty valley area. The lily flowering period is from now to the end of June. But flowering period of hydrangea and dahlia will be longer than lily.


Except flower exhibition, Jiaoye Park also held different activities for family, like mountain bike race and dancing show.


Address: Jiaoyue Park, Xishan District, Kunming

Address in Chinese:昆明市西山区郊野公园

Ticket price: 8 yuan/person

Opening hour: 8:00-18:00


(Article/photo resources: Internet)