Most Popular Snacks in Kunming during Summer

Tiao Gao Ou Fen (Lotus root starch with rice cake and rose brown sugar syrup)

Tiao Gao Ou Fen is a perfect combination of two dessert, one is rice cake and another one is louts root starch.

Special made rice cake mix with smooth, warm lotus root starch and use dried fruits, sesame as topping, add with locally produced rose brown sugar syrup.


Where to find it: Wenmiao Laojie (文庙老街) , Old Streets of Kunming(昆明老街)


Muguashui (Jelly-like porridge) with Rose Jam

The Yunnan local snack Muguashui is a jelly-like porridge, being one of the most popular summer snacks among local people. 


It is made from the seeds of the plant Pevuvian Apple Herb, which gives it a hint of fresh taste.

Where to find it: Muguashui is more like a beverage now and it can be found in most of the local rice noddle restaurants.


Cold "rice shrimp" (made by rice)

It is a kind of snack made by rice. Because of the shape looks like shrimp, local people give it the special name. 

Pour hot rice milk through the colander and pour into ice water until the “rice shrimps” are shaped. It has soft and tender texture. Locals like to mix it with Muguashui, making it cooler and richer for an afternoon snack in summer.

Where to find it: most local rice noddle restaurants

Iced Porridge

Iced Porridge can be used as a dessert in Kunming. Glutinous rice is its main ingredient. The cooking method of it is rather simple and less time consuming: put some water into the glutinous rice and put the heat on, until the glutinous rice get tender and soft (it usually takes no less than half an hour). 


After it cools down, add some ice, rose brown sugar syrup and sesame seeds or some fruits to make an iced fruit porridge. 

Where to find it: most local rice noddle restaurants


Tian Bai Jiu (Sweet Fermented glutinous rice)

Tian Bai Jiu is made from glutinous rice and Chinese distiller’s yeast (酒曲). The special fermentation process make Tianbaijiu a cooling and sweet snack. Thanks to its low alcohol level, even children could give it a try. 

Where to find it: local supermarkets


Cold Rice Noodle

Rice noodle is probably one of the favourite foods of locals in Kunming. There are many different way to cook rice noodle, but the cold rice noodle would be the first choose in a hot day.


Where to find it: local rice noodle restaurants



( Reference/photo credit: Kunming Faner)