Yihe Wangshu Teahouse Next to Green Lake Park

Beimen Street, one of the oldest streets in downtown Kunming, near the Green Lake Park, boasting long history. On this street, pubs, restaurants and shops offer locals and visitors an opportunity to chill, among them, a small teahouse caught our eyes. The name of the teahouse came from the description of ancient mythological characters in ancient Chinese history. Yihe (義和)means the goddess of the sun and Wangshu (望舒) means the goddess of the moon.

It offers a great variety of tea and traditional Chinese refreshments during the day and it turns into a bar during nighttime. All the alcohol beverages are made from glutinous rice wine as the base, while fruity and flowery flavor could be added. 

The owner of the teahouse is very much into Chinese Han culture. She noted that she wants to spread Han culture and to meet people with similar interests, and now this teahouse has become her dream incubator. 

Moreover, Yihe Wangshu Teahouse also offers courses on traditional Chinese instruments, such as Guqin and Pipa. Customers who come to the teahouse could enjoy the music played from time to time. 


  • Address: No. 50 Beimen Street, Wuhua District, Kuming
  • Address in Chinese:昆明市五华区北门街50号,義和望舒
  • Tel: 17608840828
  • Price Range: 50 Yuan/Person

(photo credit: Yihe Wangshu Teahouse)​

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