Experience the World's Longest Festival


Rice Noodle is one of the food that triggers people in Yunnan the most. Being one of the favourite foods among locals, rice noodle has been made with different ingredients and varied cooking methods in Yuxi City, Yunnan. Yuxi Rice Noodle Cultural Festival has a long history, and it is one of the important days for locals to celebrate harvest in the coming year. Today, it is the world’s longest festival that lasts for 81 days in Yuxi and is one of the most featured festivals in China.


This year, the 2018 Yuxi rice noodle cultural festival will be held on February 16th (the first day of the Chinese New Year according to Lunar Calendar) to May 7th. During the festival, various activities will be added along with tasting rice noodles, such as tulip flower show, folk cultural show, folk art show and traditional folk music.



Yuxi City lies in the central of Yunnan, about 88 km away from Kunming. It is famous for its natural and livable environment and its cozy, slow-paces lifestyle. It is the hometown of the national anthem composer Nie Er and it is also noted as the base for Yunnan tobacco. 



  • Time: February 16th – May 7th, 2018
  • Location: Dinning Room, Huilong Shengtaiyuan, Dayingjie, Yuxi, Yunnan
  • Location in Chinese: 云南省玉溪市大营街 汇龙生态园宴会厅