Indulge Yourself in these Hot Springs around Kunming

Jinfang Hot Spring in Anning City

Jinfang Hot Spring is a Japanese-style hot spring located in Anning City, about 45 minutes by car from Kunming. It covers an area of more than 60 acres, featuring 37 Japanese-style hot springs, 7 forest hubs, a standard swimming pool and a big hot spring pool.

The spring water in Jinfang Hot Spring come from the underground geothermal mineral water, with the temperature between 42-45 degrees Celsius. Thus, it is good for rheumatism arthritis pain relief and is also good for skin.


Helpful Information


Drive from downtown Kunming to Kunming-Anning Highway, pass the Bijiguan (碧鸡关) and go along westward. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the Jinfang Hot Spring.

Public Transportation:

Take public bus to Anning City at Xiaoximen Bus Station.

Price: 126 yuan/person. Children under 1.4m are Free.


Xinghe Hot Spring in Xundian County

Xinghe Hot Spring is situated in the south of Xundian County, about 10 km away from Xundian County. The hot spring here is rich in sulphur, which is beneficial for Rheumatism pain relief.


Helpful Information:


Kunming City – Kunming-Qujing Highway – Yilong Toll Gate – Xinghe Spa Town

Price: Starting from 100 yuan/person


Tangchi Hot Spring in Yiliang County

Tangchi is located at the township in Yiliang County, near Yangzonghai Lake, being famous for its natural sulphur hot springs. Being close to the scenic summer destination Yangzonghai Lake, Tangchi Hot Spring has been attracting many holidaymakers to spend a relaxing weekend with families and friends with its symbolic hot springs.


Helpful Information:


Kunming City – Kunming-Shilin Highway – Yangzonghai Tangchi (about 45 minutes)

Price: 168 yuan/person (prices may vary)


Hot Spring in Mile City

About 140 km away from Kunming, there are quite a few hot springs in Mile, which include Huquanshengtai Hot Spring, Xiaoqintian Hot Spring, Xiaozhai Hot Spring, etc. All of them are ideal for day-trippers from Kunming and other nearby cities/counties.


Helpful Information:


Kunming City – Kunming-Shilin Highway –Mile County


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