Yunnan – Northeast Area – Camping Trip

1. First Impression

Looking around our beautiful world, there is countless beautiful scenery and magnificent natural wonders, colourful humanistic resources. Yunnan, which has always enjoyed the reputation of “the kingdom of plant” and “the kingdom of flower”, ensures diversity of animal and plant with its abundant natural resources and excellent natural environment. Meanwhile, it also brings us a perfect chance to escape from metropolis diseases to recover our bodies and souls to the initial conditions of calmness, peace and spirituality.

We would like to sort out some of the best camping scenic areas and spots in Yunnan to let your body and soul relax in the mountains and rivers. Every breath brings you joy; every night offers you vision as vast as the horizon; and every morning, pure, wet and fragrant air wake you up. 


2. Features

Stone Forest Changhu Lake: World relic stone forest, Changhu Lake

Yilang Triangle Cave: Triangle Cave and Cornfield River

Xundian Beidaying Grassland: Ecological Grass Mountain and Grassland of Thousand of Hectares

Qujing Zhanyi Haifeng Wetland: Haifeng Wetland of Zhanyi in the source of Pearl River, “the mini Guilin of Yunnan”


3. Recommended Itinerary


Camping Route in Northeast of Yunnan

Stone Forest Changhu Lake, Kunming – Mysterious Triangle Cave, Yilang – Beidaying  Grassland, Xundian – Zhanyi Haifeng Wetland, Qujing


The Stone Forest

Stone Forest, the world-famous natural heritage, is one of 10 tourist attractions throughout the country. It is the world Geopark, located in Shilin Yi Nationality Autonomous County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. It is Ashima’s hometown with abundant spectacular scenery and thick style. Stone Forest, the essence of karst landform with the karst landform community in the Paleozoic Era of the longest history, the largest distribution area, complete types and particular form came into 270 million years ago. It is rated as “the first marvelous spectacle in the world”. The scenic spot consists of Stone Forest, Pinus Thunbergii Rock (Naigu Stone Forest), Fly Dragon Waterfall (Big Layered Falling), Changhu Lake, Guishan Mountain, Moon Lake and Qifeng Cave, which are famous for magnificent, spectacular, adventure, beautiful, quiet, mysterious and spacious. Stone Forest Scenic Spot is vast in scope and is respectively distinctive in landscape. With well-proportioned landscapes such as stone teeth, peak cluster, karst hill, karst cave, corrosion lake, waterfall, and underground rive, it is the most livable ecological environment, the besttravel destination and a heaven for tourists. 


Chuanghu Lake in Stone Forest

Changhu Lake is located in Weize Village, Changhu Town, 26 kilometres away from Stone Forest Scenic Spot, embraced by mountains of 1,907 metres above the sea level. The lake surface is like a slender maid in shape. It is Ashima's hometown in folk legend. It is also called "Tibet Lake" because the lake is hidden in green hills and used to be an inaccessible place. 

Changhu Lake is a karst lake with excellent water quality. The small island is the basis of mysterious legend. The lakeside is embraced by luxuriantly green plants. With fresh air and pleasant environment here, it is a wonderful experience to indulge in pleasure and forget home and duty by camping, picnic, mountain-claiming, boating and fishing here. 


Triangle Cave 

Triangle Cave is situated in a valley more than 20 kilometres away from Yilangjiu Township. Embraced by mountains all round, the cave is approximately 2,000 metres in depth. The cave awaits you to discover its mysterious stories for its flat, stream and stalactites of different shapes! Maitian River is nearby the entrance of the cave. At the foot of the luxuriantly green mountain, a clear and shallow brook meanders. Once in a while, ducks play on the water. On the side of the brook, there is a large field of wheat in which wheat wave rolls with perfume as freeze blows. With green mountains and water as well as golden profile in the wheat field, serenity of Buddha’s enlightenment appears in my heart leisurely. In the evening, on the camp on the riverside laying on a moisture-proof pad and counting the stars on the night sky, as if I have returned to my childhood. 


Beidaying Grassland

Xundian Beidaying Grassland is to the northeast of and 23 kilometres away from the county town of Xundian. There are 18,000 mu of ecological grass mountain. The tourist area covers an area of 36 kilometres. An ancient poetry describes magnificent landscape of vast grassland, cattle and sheep flocks. Walking into Beidaying Grassland, children may release their instinct that on the green mountains and grass under blue sky and white cloud, and chase each other.