Colourful Fall Flower Chrysanthemums in Full Bloom in Kunming

Autumns suppose to be golden, warm and full of surprises as the harvest season falls within this period of year. Although it has been gloomy and wet during the past few weeks in Kunming, we have just being cheered up by these beautiful Chrysanthemums at Daguan Park by the end of October, just before Halloween. Come to see the blooms at their best.

  • Address: Daguan Park, No. 284, Daguan Road, Xishan District, Kunming
  • Address in Chinese: 昆明市西山区大观路284号大观公园
  • Transportation: Bus No. 100, 104, 124, 131. 183, 22, 4, 53, 95, 104
  • Ticket Price: 26 Yuan/Person

(photo credit: Ji Na)