Five Routes for Runners in Kunming

Last month, runners had showed their passion for sport and outdoor activities during the 2017 Kunming Plateau Half Marathon. Although it rained cats and dogs, runners made their way to the finishing line. Here we have gathered five places for runners in Kunming.


Green Lake Park

Green Lake Park, one of the top destinations in Kunming, has been listed as the ideal spot for sport lovers. There are plenty of reasons for you to take the 2km run around the Green Lake and its lush plants.

Address: Green Lake Park, South Cuihu Road, Wuhua District, Kunming

Pros: Easy access to the park

Cons: It could be busy during rush hours along the way


Milesi Park

Milesi Park is easy to get into with several buses run along Xichang Road. There are cherry tress, camellia, magnolia, crape myrtle flowers, chimonantus flowers and other plants in the park. 

Address: No. 249, Xichang Road, Xishan District, Kunming

Pros: Easy to get into and it is relatively quiet

Cons: With the limited space, it is only suitable for first runners


Haigeng Dam

Haigeng Dam enjoys a pleasant location with the beautiful Dianchi Lake and the Xishang (Western Hills) nearby, being a popular spot for joggers and distance runners. These days, it is even ideal for runners to enjoy the total 6km running distance from Haigeng Caohai Dam to the 3.6km runway in Haigeng Park.

Address: Haigeng Dam, Guanjing Road, Xishan District, Kunming

Pros: Great view of the Dianchi Lake

Cons: It could get crowded during weekends


Western Hills

Western Hills provide visitors with an excellent environment to chill and to appreciate the marvelous scenery. There are 5km flat road from the front gate to the Aiwei Art Gallery, which is suitable for runners to warm up.

Address: Western Hills Scenic Area, Xishan District, Kunming

Pros: Fresh air and green environment made Western Hills a favourite getaway spot for nature lovers and those who are eager to take a break from the city

Cons: avoid weekend if you prefer a peaceful environment


Yeyahu Scenic Area   

Yeyaha Scenic Area lies on the northeastern part of Kunming, 10km away from the Golden Temple. It was established as one of the major outdoor training sites in Kunming. Its 35km trail has become a top running spot for runners for years.

Address: Yeyahu, Jinhun Road, Panlong District, Kunming

Pros: Spacious green area and the first national level trail

Cons: Far away from the city centre and it could also be crowded during weekends


(photo credit: web)