Old Kunming Through the Oil Paintings of A 70 Year-Old Man

With the rapid growth, the Spring City Kunming has become a modern travel destination in southwest China, Yunnan Province. But it seems hugely different from the lens of a senior, who have been living in this city and witnessed its great changes throughout the past decades. Mr. Dong Chang’an has depicted more than 200 oil paintings of the old Kunming on paperboard weighing 50kg, which took him 15 years to complete the task.


The Northern City Area of Old Kunming: The city wall of the northern city had been demolished during 1950s,which was located at the intersection between the East Gate of Yunnan University and the No.30 High School on Beimen Street.


The East District of Old Kunming


The Southern District of Kunming: The demolition of the City Gate Tower (Jinri Tower) and the Xiaonanmen (Huguo Gate),Jinri Shopping Mall made way to West Dongfeng Road and Yunnan Provincial Museum.


Yunnan Provincial Museum, a then Military Museum


Farmers, Railway policemen and train conductors on the Kunming -- Vietnam Meter Gauge Railway


Yunduan Park in front of the Victory Monument

The Spring Festival was the best time of the year for children and young adults to gather in here as they could use their lucky money to buy some firecrackers and to have fun with their peers. 


Tuodong Road

This road was named after the famed Tuodong Soy Sauce which was so busy with vegetable vendors, horse carts, shops and pedestrians. 


Fudong Street

It connects Guanghua Street to the north, Jingxing Street to the west, with Tongcheng Valley and the famous time-honored Wang Yuntong Medicine Shop at both ends.


The intersection between Xiangyun Street and Baoshan Street is the so-called “aircraft building”.

The Aircraft Building was given the name as it was the General Claire Lee Chennault’s office. 


South Cuihu Road 


Children playing games: glass marbles, cards flipping, rubber-band skipping, etc.


(photo credit: Mr.Dong Chang’an)