Stage Play "Thunderstorm" at Family Ma's Yard

Chinese stage drama has embraced its 110-year birthday in 2017. One of the most famous Chinese dramas is called the Thunderstorm. It is a drama created by the playwright Cao Yu, which depicts the tragedy of a bourgeois family under the background of the feudal Chinese society around 1925. It has been played countless times in China and this time audience will have a different experience watching the live drama at one of the oldest buildings in Kunming. The stage is set up at the hundred years old Family Ma's Yard on Qianwang Street.



The director Yang Yaohong, one of the top national playwrights is aiming to bring audience the real immersion experience like ever before. They team have changed the standardized single stage performance, leaving the corridor, the ceiling and the main hall as its stages in order to offer the audience a feeling of being in the show while watching the show.


  • Address: No. 4, Qianwang Street, Kunming (昆明钱王街4号)
  • Show Time: September 16, 2017, Saturday, 20:00
  •                     September 23, 2017, Saturday, 20:00
  • Ticket Price: 120, 200, 280, 480 Yuan/Person