Jiaozi Snow Mountain in Summer

Kunming Jiaozi Snow Mountain Tourism Development Zone covers an area of 1837.5 square kilometres, which has dramatic view of diversified flora and fauna, river, mountains, red land, forests and many more.

Great news is that anyone who travels to Kunming by high speed rail in August could enjoy admission free to Kunming Jiaozi Snow Mountain. Please show your high speed rail ticket and personal ID at the entrance.

Jiaozi Snow Mountain is located in northern central Yunnan. The mountain peak lies on the border Dongchuan District and Luquan County in Kunming. The highest point of the peak is in the eastern Yungui (Yunnan-Guizhou) Plateau and the Gongwang Mountains.

  • Address: Wumeng Township, Luquan County, Kunming 
  • Address in Chinese: 昆明市以北禄劝县乌蒙乡 轿子雪山
  • How to get there: Kunming North Bus Station (昆明北部客运站) – Zhuanlong Town(转龙) (35 Yuan/person, 3.5 hours)—Take a local minibus to Jiaozi Snow Mountain (25 Yuan/person)

(photo credit: Kunming Jiaozishan Tourism Bureau)

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