Day trip to Puzhehei

Puzhehei means ‘a pond teeming with fish and shrimp’ in Yi language which used to be a quite village in Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan. Today, Puzhehei has become a popular summer destination among Chinese tourists thanks to its dreamy karst landscape and crystal clear pond with lovely lotus flowers and easy access to get to by the high-speed rail.

Puzhehei Scenic Spot has 56 lakes, 15 rivers, 312 karst hills and 83 karst caves, covering an area of 388 sqm.

Main Scenic Spots: Xianrendong Yi Cultural Village, Bailong Lake, Liulang Cave, Shede Grassland, Swan Lake, etc.

Suggested tour: 1-3 days

How to get there:

Travel by car: Kunming (Shankun/Guangkun Highway) – Shilin (Stone Forest) –Mile –G80 Highway/G8011 Highway –Wenshan Prefecture –Tanfang –Qiubei Puzhehei Exit –Qiubei County –Puzhehei Scenic Spot/National Wetland Park

The whole journey has 368km that takes 3.5-5 hours.

Travel by long-distance bus: Kunming Dongbu Passengers Station (昆明东部汽车客运站) – Puzhehei

Travel by plane: To Wenshan Airport (also called Wenshan Puzhehei Airport) – Take a car to Puzhehei

Travel by High Speed Train: Kunming Nan Railway Station (昆明火车南站) – Puezhehei (80 minutes)


Classic traveling routes and ticket prices:

Puzhehei Longquan Lake: A Lu Bai Ma Tou – Music Fountain – Lotus Garden –Puzhehei Xihuang Wetland

Electric Boat: 160 RMB/Person, 50 minutes

Puzhehei Xihuang Wetland Scenic Spot:

Shuangjiashan Matou – Puzhehei Xihuang Wetland –Shuangjiashan Matou

Electric Bamboo Boat: 100 RMB/Person, 50 minutes

Puzhehei Shuangjiashan Scenic Spot:

Shuagnjiashan Matou – Dawanzi –Huashanshiqiao –Qinglongshan –Puzhehei Lake –Xianren Lake –Shuangjiashan

Electric Boat: 260 RMB/Person, 150 minutes

Puzhehei Special Tour:

Electric Boat: Shuangjiashan Matou – Lotus Garden – Dawanzi (Cherry Valley) – Huashan Shiqiao –Qinglongshan Matou

Raft: Puzhehei Lake –Qingrenqiao –Shenyuchi – Lotus Road – Xianren Lake –Swan Lake –Pucaotang Matou

380 RMB/Person, 240 minutes.

Ethnic Tour:

  1. Take a local bus to Dayidu Zhuang Ethnic Village (which takes 2 hours)
  2. Zhuang Ethnic wedding costume exhibition – Zhuang ethnic song contest – Zhuang ethnic tea/ cuisine sampling

Take a local bus to Longtan Miao Ethnic Village (which takes 2 hours)

Miao Ethnic costume exhibition – Miao Hulusheng (a traditional ethnic instrument) Performance – Miao ethnic weaving and embroidery workshop – Traditional Ethnic Houses Tour

Featured local cuisine:

Fish soup, Red Kidney Beans boiled with local Ham, Shrimp, Lotus Leaf stir fry with Egg, Lotus Seeds Porridge, Radix Notoginseng Chicken Soup, Wenshan BBQ, etc.