Updated Ticket Prices of 25 Scenic Spots in Kunming

Scenic Spots in Kunming City

West Hill: 40 RMB/Person

Highlights: Wonderful view of the Dianchi Lake from the top of the hill; hidden temples and the Dragon Gate


Tanhua Temple Park: 5 RMB/Person

Highlights: 400-year old Tanhua Temple was built during the Ming Dynasty and it has been famous for its flowers and plants.


Daguan Park: 26 RMB/Person

Highlights: lovely view from the Daguanlou Pavilion, which is on the lakeshore of Dianchi Lake and the longerst couplet in Chinese could be found at both sides of the doorposts.


Qiongzhu Temple: 5 RMB/Person

Highlights: 500 clay sculptures showing the different images of Luohan (snior monks in Buddhism)


Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pool) Park: 20 RMB/Person

Highlights: The Black Dragon Pond in the park is divided into two parts by a bridge. The water of one part is clear and the other is turbid, forming a Tai Chi pattern.


Kunming Zoo: 20 RMB/Adult; 10 RMB/Student and Child


Golden Temple Scenic Area: 30 RMB/Person

Highlights: A temple made of copper was built by a warlord in the Qing Dynasty.


Jiaoye Park: 8 RMB/Person

Highlights: It covers an area of 180 hectares and is an ideal place for picnic and BBQ.


Xishan District Grass-Skating Base: 20 RMB/Person

Highlight: Enjoy the fun experience of skating on grass.


Yunnan Wild Animal Park: 100 RMB/Person

Highlight: get a closer look at the rear animals such as giant panda, snub-nosed monkey, etc.


Journey to the West Cave: 98 RMB/Adult; 70 RMB/Student

Highlights: one of the filming spots of “A Journey to the West”, the popular Chinese TV drama


Scenic Spots in Xuandian County

Xundian Red Manor: FREE


Xundian Xiaobazhe Scenic Spot: FREE


Xundian Kedu Red Army Long March Memorial: FREE


Xundian Shibanhe Scenic Spot: 60 RMB/Person


Scenic Spots in An’ning County

An’ning Yulongwan Scenic Spot: 30 RMB/Person

Highlights: a movie and television shooting base


An’ning Qinglongxia Scenic Spot: 40 RMB/Person


An’ning Shuishenqiao Scenic Area: 20 RMB/Person


Scenic Spots in Yiliang & Shilin County

Yiliang Jiuxiang Scenic Area: 90 RMB/Person

Highlights: one of the main underground karst landforms in Yunnan


Shilin Wanjiahuan Blueberry Farmland: 30 RMB/Person

Highlights: pick blueberries and enjoy the quietness


Shilin Sea World of Ice and Snow: 150 RMB/Person

Highlights: children would love to see marine animals


(reference: YunnanFocus)

(image credit: web)