Kunming Miaogao Temple

Hiding in the northern part of Kunming city, Miaogao Temple is one of the ancient temples in Yunnan. Ancient trees pave the way into the front gate of the Miaogao Temple. In an early morning or a misty day, one feels as if to entre into another world. Located in Sanhua Mountain, one of the top sites in Kunming, Miaogao Temple enjoys a wonderful view. Originally constructed during 627 to 649 of Tang dynasty, it had been extended in Yuan dynasty and renovated during Ming and Qing dynasty. The renowned geographer Xu Xia Ke had once visited the Miaogao Temple, which he put this journey into his travelogue.

Miaogao Temple consists of three gardens: the front, the middle and the rear garden. Ancient towering trees covering the outer side of the Temple. The front garden is just behind the front door of the temple, and there are 23 stone stairs. On the west side of the stone stairs there is a 700-year-old Cryptomeria fortune, no less than two people could encompass with out stretched arms.

The middle garden is also the Main Hall. Walking north about 100 steps is the Black Dragon Pool, which contains crystal clear water. On the west side, there is an earth and wood structure house, which is a meditation abode. On the southern part it has several fruit trees.

On the left side of the main hall, a big drum, and on the right, hangs a bronze bell dated back from the Qing dynasty. Stone tables and seats could be found in the middle of the main hall. In the main hall, you can see figures of Sakyamumi, Manjushri and Samantabhadra.

Address: Sanhua Mountain(三华山), Ziweicun(自卫村), Heilinpu(黑林铺), Kunming 

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