Some ancient villages and towns around Kunming (1)

Zijun Village(子君村)

Zijun Village sits at Guyi Village on the east shore of Lake Dian. “Zijun (子君)” is a subbranch of Yi ethnic group, which is considered to be the first settlers in Kunming.

Address: Yiliu Township, Guandu District, Kunming

Transport: Take bus No. 149 special line, No. 162, C12, A6, No. 170 or No. 209 at North Caiyun Road.

Local specialty: wild rice stem, water chestnut, ramie, Erkuai (rice cake)


Tuanjiexiang Village(团结乡)

Tuanjiexiang Village lies in the back of Qinlongtan, which has an area of 60mu lake. It enjoys tranquil environment and lush greenery.

Address: At the upper area of the western suburb of Kunming

Transport: bus No. 80→No.93; bus No. 185→No. 93

Local specialty: pepper chicken, apple feast, ham


Biji Township(碧鸡镇)

Biji Township boasts a long history, with an area of 88.74sqm. It is said that once the locals didn’t know the wild peacocks living within the area. But they thought the animal was some sort of roosters, therefore they named the big bird “green rooster”. Hence Biji Township (or the township of green roosters) came into being.

Address: Biji Street, Xishan District

Transport: bus No. C73(Line Jia) or No. C73(Line Yi)

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