Take the high-speed train to the Stone Forest

To take the high-speed rail from one place to another can, without doubt, reduce our travelling time. Thanks to the completion of the high-speed rail from Kunming to Shanghai and Kunming to Guilin, now our traveling time become even shorter. And now we can reach the scenic Stone Forest by high-speed rail from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanning, Zhanjiang, Guiyang, Hongguo and Kunming within a short space of time.


From Kunming to the Stone Forest:

Kunmingnan (South Station) Train Station – Shilinnan (South Station of the Stone Forest)

Duration: 22 minutes

Train ticket: 18 yuan

When get off the train from Shilinnan Station, take bus No. 66 to Shilin County and No. 99 to the Shilin (Stone Forest) Scenic Spot. 

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