Five lesser known travel routes around Kunming Part 1

If you are fed up with the busy life-style in the city, or if you are already visited scenic spots in Kunming, why choose somewhere further, somewhere less noisy? In this article, we have list one of the five less known travel routes around Kunming. 

1. The Northeastern Route (Kunming-Songming-Xundian-Dongchuan)

Recommended tour: Kunming – Zhonglingshan National Forest Park – Fenglong Bay – Beidaying – Hongtudi County (Redland County) – Shekuai

Zhonglingshan National Forest Park

The name Zhonglingshan came from the Zhongling Temple, which was built in Ming dynasty. In here, it is rather quiet and the air is wet and pure. Apart from its lush greenery, some natural and man-built spectacles are also found in the forest park.

Address: Near State Highway 320, 27km away from the county and 8 km away from Yilougkou on Kunming – Qujing Highway

Fenglong Bay

Fenglong Bay enjoys ravishing view and beautiful scenery. Within the site, there are “Little Three Gorges”and “Five-coloured Bay” and in which the waterfalls in the valley of“Shibanhe”are the most attractive.

Address: Tangzi Village, Xundian County, Kunming

Beidaying Prairie

Unlike the vast prairies in the north of China, Beidaying Prairie features characters of the beauty of the plateau.

Activities including horse riding, kite flying, BBQ, camping, football, photo taking, grass skiing, and you can also go and explore the once movie and Television shooting scenes.

Address: Northeast of Xundian County, about 23km away from the county

Redland County

Jiaozi Snow Mountain connecting the Redland, which has been recognised by some experts to be the most amazing red land after the Redland in Rio in Brazil. Jiaozi Snow Mountain enjoy the name as “the spine of Kunming”, which has snow capped on top, misty clouds surrounding its mountains, creating a mysterious vibe.

Address: 40km southwest of Dongchuan District, Kunming


Although Shekuai is the smallest county in Kunming, imposing scenery could be easily found in here. People call it “Zhangjiajie” in Dongchuan, “Wu Yi Mountain” and “Little Huangshan”. Since these places are famous for their extraordinary landscape and alluring scenery.  

Address: 40.5km northwest of Dongchuan

(Photo credit: Yunnan Pictorial)

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