Hidden Gems around Green Lake Park -- Part 2

Yunnan University

Founded in 1922, it began as a privately run institution called the "University of the Eastern Land" and its name has changed six times since then. It hosts old buildings and has witnessed the history of Kunming.

Huize Building

Huize Building,built in December 1922, was named “Huize” after the pen name of its founder Tang Jiyao. It covers more than 4,000 sqm and is considered very rare at that time for a French style building like this. The designer Zhang Banghan was one of the early scholars studying in France.

Bell Tower

Designed by civil engineer professor Yao Zhan, this bell tower has 26 meters and 7 storeys in total. In 1995, it has combined with a water tower and a bell tower.

Address: No. 2, North Cuihu Road, Wuhua District, Kunming

Transport: Take bus No. 85, 92, 139 or 187 to Beimen Street or East Gate of Yunnan University


Wenhua Alley (Wenhua Xiang)

Walking into this narrow alley near Wenlin Street, you’ll be surrounded by boutique shops, bookstores, coffee houses and many more. Along with some very popular local restaurants, there are also several Indian, Korean and Japanese restaurants that will whet your appetite. Don’t worry if you want to sip a cup of authentic coffee, Salvador Coffee House has all you need: from homemade ice cream to a cup of the city’s finest coffee.


Mandarin Books

Located at the corner of Wenhua Alley, a wood-framed shop stands itself out from its neighbors. Mandarin Books, delicate, cozy two storey bookstore offers the latest magazines, travel guides, novels and so on.


Elephant Bookstore

It was once a garage, but had been converted into a lovely bookstore/coffee house by its owner, an architect and a traveler. It also offers talks and cultural events from time to time. Book selections are mainly focusing on art, design, cuisine and life. Some books in complex Chinese versions are also available.