2016 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Kunming International Marathon

Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Kunming International Marathon will be held on December 17, 2016. It is the first time for Kunming to host a full marathon. 16,000 participants are going to join this event, in which there are 1000 participants for full marathon (42.195 km), 5000 for half marathon (21.0975 km), 5000 for 10 km run, 4700 for 5 km run, and another 300 come from 100 families who will have a parent-child run. The slogans for this competition are "Enjoy running in the Spring City, be friendly, be closer and be more harmonious" and "To reach new records and to chase the dream in colorful Yunnan".

At the average altitude of 1890 meters, this event is going to hit the highest level throughout the marathon history. Furthermore, more than half of the route will pass by several major scenic spots of the city, such as Lake Dian, West Mountain, Haigeng Park, Haigeng Dam and Dianchi Wetlands. Both participants and visitors would have a great opportunity to appreciate these beautiful attractions. 

There are representatives coming from 18 countries to join this event which have been called “the family of SCO”. Besides the Yunnan-themed decoration along the running route, there are 19 eye-catching arches representing 18 countries and Shanghai Cooperation Organization. This is the first marathon held by SCO and also the first event joined by participants from 18 SCO countries to interpret the essence of sports. 


Time, venue and other information

Time: December 17, 2016
Venue: Lake Dian, Kunming 
            Starting point and ending point of full and half marathons are Haigen Hall.
Details: Full Marathon – 42.195 km
             Half Marathon – 21.095 km
             10 km
             5 km
             2016 meters (special SCO running distance)


There will be no parking space at both starting and ending points. Note that due to the traffic control, no cars are allowed to enter specific routes during the event.