Four Popular Sites to Watch Siberian Seagulls in Kunming

For the past three decades, people in Kunming have been enjoying the company of some special friends from afar – Siberian seagulls. 

Those lovely creatures have flown all the way from Siberia to Kunming, the so-called “City of Eternal Spring” to spend the winter. According to bird experts, Kunming is their final destination to spend winter from late October to late March every year. Here are four places to watch them and to experience the long relationship, which has been formed over the years between local people and Siberian seagulls. 

Green Lake Park (Cui Hu)

Address: Cuihu South Road

In the centre of the city, very close to Yunnan University, Yunnan Military Academy and other historical sites.

Ticket: Free

Daguanlou Park (Grand View Park)

Address: No. 284 Daguan Road

On the eastern shore of Dianchi Lake, about 2 km from downtown.

Ticket: 20 yuan per person

Haigeng Park

Address: No. 1318 Dianchi Road

About 8 km from downtown, close to the Yunnan Nationalities Village.

Ticket: 10 yuan per person

Haigeng Dam

Address: Guanjing Road

On the eastern shore of the Dianchi Lake, 8 km from downtown.

Ticket: Free