Three best Spas around Kunming

The Spa resorts of Anning in the west of Kunming should be on your itinerary as the season for hot spring approaches. Here, we have found three destinations you should know for a relaxing Spa tour. 


1.Anning City, 30 km West Kunming

Anning, a busy but pretty county-level city is located at the foot of Yuquan Mt. on the banks of the Tanglang River.


The hot springs in Anning were discovered in the early Eastern Han Dynasty, and which have been reputed to be beneficial to one's health as the warm water (between 36-46C) contains trace elements of various minerals including potassium, natrium, zinc and strontium. There are numerous baths around the town offering indoor springs both public and even an open air Japanese style hot spring, among which these three are the best:

(1)-Jinfang Japanese-style Spa

Add: 1 Longxi Rd., Wenquan Town, Anning City

Tel: 86-0871-6863 1588


(2)-Sheenjoy Spa & Resort

Add: Sheng'an Nan Road, Wenquan Town, Anning

Tel: 86-0871-6863 3006


(3)-Gloria Hotspring Resort Anning

Add: Yangjiaocun, Wenquan Town, Anning

Tel: 86-0871-6603 9777

Transport: Bus ride from Xiaoximen to Anning, then transfer local public bus No 12 to Wenquan Town


2.Brilliant Spa, 42 km from Kunming

The hot spring water of Brilliant comes from the high-temperature carbonic acid springs underground. Integrating the minerals of the rocks and abstracting the essence of natural plants, the Spa fragrance therapy will help you to keep fit.

Brilliant Spa is located in the Yangzong Lake Tourism and Holiday Zone in Yiliang County. Starting from the city of Kunming, drive along the new Shilin-Anning Highway, and then turn right to the old Shilin-Anning Road until you get to the Brilliant Spa. It takes about 30 minutes from Kunming. 


Add: Yangzong Lake Resort, Tangchi Town, Yiliang County

Tel: 86-0871-67671666


3.Huquan Resort & Spa, 150 km from Kunming or 75 km from Stone Forest

One of the best Spas around Kunming, the Huquan Resort & Spa in Mi'le is a smart choice for Jianshui-bound (from/to Kunming) travllers to enjoy a relaxing night. The spring water in the resort is rich in geothermal resources and the resort has 16 hot spring ponds (both indoor and outdoor) for visitors to "soak" in the wholesome hot spring water while enjoying the nice views of the town. 


Add: Mi'le City (150 km from Kunming), Honghe Prefecture

Tel: 86-0873-6388 096